Human Resources

The most important factor in determining Benish Group GmbH success, to our mind, is the company's personnel. The success of each employee plays a fundamental role in company’s development. We constantly invest in our employees’ knowledge and skills development, improvement of the labor quality standards and personnel social protection. The company’s selection and career development system  is based on the values ​​of assessment tools, behavioral and functional competencies of employees, as well as their potential for growth and development in the organization.

Recruitment process

The Company’s personnel policy is engaged in the Department of Human Resources. Firstly the applicant should send resume, thereby applying for participation in competitive selection. Upon your resume receipt the recruitment team analyzes the matching relevant experience, knowledge and skills specified in CV with the current vacancies profiles. In case of CV matching you will be contacted by recruiters for more detailed acquaintance. After a telephone conversation a placement interview with a recruitment specialist and director of the department which is currently hiring is assigned for a candidate. The last step is the personnel selection is an interview with the company's top manageers who make the final decision on the job proposal.

Adaptation and development

First steps of any employee in the company is detailed acquaintance with the company’s business generally and with the spheres of action of different departments and units, introduction to the department and total description of candidates duties as well as explanation of importance of the role within the organization. Our company aims all the employees to achieve the desired goals and self-improve constantly. For this the training sessions are held monthly, where employees can develop their skills, as well as have an opportunity to improve their personal qualities. Due to the training format, employees have the chance to build better relationships with colleagues from other departments.