Benish Group GmbH Holding was founded by Mr. Chaim Benish in 1981 and today is operating in 14 countries including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Malta, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. 

The first company which later became a part of the holding was Tel Aviv Studios. From the beginning of its existence, the company was known as a video equipment importing partner and now is the largest Israeli postproduction studio.

Since the late 1990s an active market expansion was started in many countries. In 1999 Benish Development Company was created. Since its establishment the company has implemented a lot of construction projects in different countries.

For the holding, the year 2000 was marked by transport technologies market entry when Transport Technologies & Invest Limited was founded. The company has implemented a number of projects for successful development of the industry over the years of successful work. A separate chapter in the holding’s history was industry business. In the period from 2002 to 2007 the enterprises of the coke production have been operating within the holding.

In 2003 holding entered Ukrainian GPS-systems market by creating Benish GPS. Among the first company’s innovative products offered to Ukrainian consumers were vehicle satellite security and vehicle monitoring systems. Later due to the effective R&D Department a large number of innovative products and solutions based on GPS-technology have been introduced. As a result of effective work and impeccable equipment and service quality, Benish GPS is a market leader for more than 12 years. Another holding’s branches started to be insurance business, when Benish Group GmbH entered the wide insurance market, creating Benish Insurance Company.

In 2022, the company Life Trading And Distribution was established, the main field of activity is the production of food products (sunflower oil, flour, etc.) and export to the world.