Benish GPS

Benish GPS was established in 2003 and for the years of dynamic development the company has significantly expanded its product and service lines. Now the company is successfully developing unique solutions based on GPS technology in such countries as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Malta, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Zimbabwe. 

For many years the company dominates in the market of systems and solutions for fleet effective and efficient operation, despatching and security based on GPS and video technologies.

Benish GPS is a global provider of GPS solutions for commercial and public sectors, as well as for personal use. Introduction of satellite technology allows small businesses and national corporations to increase level of services quality and to minimize misallocation of funds. Efficient R&D and own software platform allows to implement the most complicated and unique projects. Benish GPS develops customized solutions taking into account specifity of each client’s business and request. High level of competence and broad experience in innovations allow Benish GPS to launch new products and technological solutions. 24/7 customer support is provided by company’s Dispatch Center. It also should be mentioned that Benish GPS is one of few companies in the market that provides round the clock support to its clients.

The company offers a wide range of products and solutions based on GPS technology, but most demanding are:

• Vehicle GPS monitoring system
• Satellite vehicle security system BENISH GUARD
• Personal monitoring system BeniFone
• Cargo security system BeniLock
• Safety driving system Benish Eco Driving.