Our corporate philosophy

Benish Group GmbH is an international diversified holding company which includes business operation in GPS technology, real estate development, transport technology, media and insurance.

The Company's strategy is focused on geographic business expansion and global market entry. Continuous development and modernization are instrumental in providing the best products and solutions that meet the most demanding customers’ requirements.

Due to long experience and understanding of the principles of doing business in different countries, Benish Group GmbH holding plans to become a leader in the priority areas, as well as to develop new and promising business areas.

Huge company's growth is determined by investment, personnel and technological potential, long experience of doing business in many countries, as well as constant ambitions to self-improvement. Among the existing business areas, Benish Group GmbH makes special rates for further GPS technology and real estate business development.

To our mind one of the most important factors in Benish Group GmbH success determination is the company's personnel. Therefore we constantly invest in development of knowledge and skills of our employees by improving the quality standards of labor and personnel’s social protection.

Benish Group GmbH slogan is “Good name is the most valuable asset”. We believe that the basis of successful cooperation is reliability and openness of activity. This is why it worth noting that the core values ​​observed by Benish Group GmbH holding is responsibility to our partners and employees, honesty towards customers and suppliers, reliability in fulfilling commitments, operational excellence and efficiency.

Benish Group GmbH logo conception

The principle of a new Benish Group GmbH logo is the idea of ​​using a figure that consists of five elements (trapezoids). These elements complement each other and constitute the five sides of a correct hexagon, the sixth side of which is missing. Each logo element has its definite meaning. 

For example different colors of fragments sides show high level of business diversification and refer different areas of companies’ activities. The logo colors are of the same color palette (shades of blue) that symbolizes the desire to create integrated solutions for different sectors of business and industry based on developed technologies. The absence of the sixth figure side indicates the company’s openness for development and constant search for new activities. Hexagon being similar to a circle symbolizes the constant company’s development.

And finally five elements of the logo as the five inhabited continents indicate the company’s international activities and ambitions of development in a vector of globalization, new countries markets entry.