Transport Technologies & Invest Limited

Transport Technologies & Invest Limited Company being a part of Benish Group GmbH holding has been operating in transport sector since 2000. Large number of projects for industry development and improvement has been implemented over the years. Constant introduction of new technologies and innovative solutions for transport sector development leads to significant increase in transport industry’s efficiency and as a result improves the macroeconomic indicators. Transport infrastructure as a strategically important object of each country always attracts special attention of the government and society, consequently requirements to quality and continuity of its operation is very high. Transport Technologies & Invest Limited makes a significant contribution to transport sector modernization and improvement through introduction of the best developments, which prove its effectiveness.

Among the company’s areas of activity it is worth noting the following:

Technological solutions and innovative equipment procurement for transport industry.

High efficiency of any company's providing services in the transport sector largely depends on operational equipment. Transport Technologies & Invest Limited is a reliable and proved supplier of specialized equipment, such as: computerization and control system for dispatch centers, intra-organizational communication systems, locomotives, wagons and other technological equipment.

Supply of goods and equipment for company's current operations.

In addition to high-tech equipment, the company also provides transport companies with products needed for current operations including fuel, textiles, sanitary and chemicals.